Frequently Asked Questions

SoBz are a crypto-currency to reward, finance and securitize seimpact (socio-economic impact). The currency only gets created by achieving seimpact. After a SoBz got coined with reached seimpact (e.g. seimpact of a financed project in Angola) it becomes a tradeable currency with a sustainable, recognized, transparent and verifiable value behind.
SoBz are a socio-economic crypto-currency. The total volume of coins is only limited by the amount of seimpact achieved worldwide. DOR-NEX is a token and virtual asset to finance the development and promotion of DORIUM and participate in the design process of DORIUM by voting. DOR-NEX get issued during our ICO. The number is limited to 3,700,000 tokens.
During the implementation of DORIUM, a consortium of well-known and experienced experts of social value creation will decide how to use and create SoBz, and define clear rules for the emission of SoBz. Later, the online-community of DORIUM stakeholders will take over the decision - supported by the consortium of experts.
For the measurement of seimpact standard methods (help-logic and result-methods) are used, completed by surveys among those affected. For the later evaluation of the seimpact, three approaches get combinded: Different criteria for the evaluation can be defined, a rating of the community can be obtained or a growing, learning database of reference values can be used (Trinity-Method). The measurement and evaluation of seimpact gets easier, more transparent and faster by using Blockchain Technology. Still, the DORIUM Community has to define a new value system to compare for example seimpact reached by reducing greenhouse gas with seimpact achieved by providing healthy water. DORIUM is measuring the value of a solution.
As a baseline and reference, the minimum seimpact behind a SoBz is the permanent absorption of 250 kg greenhouse gas (UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 13, environmental protection). The Community might use this initial definition to set up, discuss and develop a value system on DORIUM blockchain, a database of references and new tools to measure and evaluate seimpact.
The initial definition of seimpact has to be independent from human influence, touchable and sustainable. The quantity of 250 kg absorption of greenhouse gas is equal to the effect of an apple tree during is entire lifetime. Each SoBz securitizes a minimum of one apple trees’ seimpact and positive impact on the world climate - or later on a seimpact equal to this.
Theoretically, the number of SoBz is limited by the human resources preparing, selecting, running and supporting sustainable projects and achieving seimpact - and the fact, that new seimpact is harder to achieve because of the already achieved seimpact. But even a permanently increasing number of SoBz is good news and no reason for inflation. While fiat currencies usually divide the economical power of a specific region into pieces, an additional issuing of bankable notes leads to a smaller part of the value behind each of them. New SoBz securitize new seimpact. The value is not getting smaller, but the world a bit closer to a sustainable solution for major problems.
To reach new seimpact is getting more and more important, while the consequences of profit driven behavior is getting more obvious every day. Initially, the price of SoBz might rise. As soon as there is a consensus among all stakeholders, the value will be stable or develop positively. Same time, the total amount of SoBz will rise with every achieved seimpact and the motivation of SoBz holders to sell them for fiat currency might go down. DORIUM is offering a new eco-system with a different value system. Fiat currencies are therefore not a reference for the value of SoBz. SoBz are designed to become a new global currency.
Famous crypto-currencies like Bitcoin or Ether are still in a niche, with low transaction numbers and a lot of technical limitations regarding issuing new coins. Coins have to be purchased at an exchange or earned by a specific action inside the currency system. SoBz are targeting and addressing all stakeholders of sustainable development and creation of seimpact. The number of coins is high, and everyone will be able to join the DORIUM socio-economic system. SoBz get created as a reward for an achievement in the real world or change the real world with the direct impact of credit money. No one has to pay for the creation of SoBz.
In the future, SoBz can be used to pay necessary equipment, raw material, employees, water, communication and energy supply or transportation services. A growing number of companies, organizations and suppliers will accept SoBz as a means of payment. If the project needs equipment or services only available in fiat currency, SoBz can be traded at a crypto-currency exchange. The sustainable value behind will make a reasonable market for SoBz.
Profit driven companies are caring for innovative technology, a green reputation, the alliance with well-know experts of social value creation and they are looking for new, emerging markets. For sure they will support a blockchain-crypto-currency-project, achieving real socio-economic impact, governed by highly regarded experts and a huge community of stakeholders, opening new markets with the potential of a 7th continent. A lot of companies realize their social responsibility. To comply with international standards for sustainability becomes more and more a trend.
The value behind SoBz is not a commercial value. Rewarding a positive and social activity with SoBz is like earning bonus-miles with an airline: it just shows that this person is committed to the DORIUM concept and achieved some seimpact. The commercial benefit behind bonus-miles or SoBz is not the motivation for traveling, flying or philanthropic activity - it’s a motivation to stay with the airline or to continue philanthropic work and private impact investment.
SoBz can be used to provide an unconditional basic income to specific group of people facing extreme poverty. It’s an immediate help and a reward for the seimpact reached by caring for children, older people or the own education. People receiving basic income might report their current situation to the DORIUM community, they can give feedback regarding the impact of the basic income and use e-learning content. DORIUM is not just sending money, it’s opening doors, giving access and rewards the social potential of human beings.
DORIUM will support existing help structures, teams and organizations to implement their already evaluated projects and impact investments. They will save a lot of time and effort which they had to spend in the past for raising funds. This additional resource they can now invest into the projects. DORIUM offers the users of the DORIUM Community to earn SoBz by supporting and monitoring the financed projects.