DORIUM - Creating wealth

in a sustainable way

The global DORIUM community is distributing a new kind of digital money created and covered by the value of social improvements.

Dorium Report by Deutsche Welle TV 10 2018
Dorium Report by Deutsche Welle TV 10 2018

DORIUM is a Global Community to evaluate, reward, create and finance social and environmental improvements. Without further fiat currency investment (EURO, USD), DORIUM can change the life of billions of people.

SoBz is a new kind of money, created by the DORIUM community, to fight poverty, inequality and environmental pollution.

Using the core values of Blockchain technology, DORIUM is creating wealth, but in a sustainable way.

Global suppliers accepting SoBz as a means of payment and investors purchasing SoBz at international crypto currency exchanges

  • support sustainable development worldwide
  • open new markets through CSR activity
  • participate in the potential of Blockchain Technology
  • get connected to well-known experts and legends of social value creation (“Consortium of Experts”)

Everyone can see and trace their effort, their contribution, their support and the created common shared value

To reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, an additional investment of 2.5 trillion USD is needed - every year. Part of this can be achieved by creating and using SoBz to enable and support Social Entrepreneurship. In return, the life of billions of humans can be changed, and a new market with the potential of a 7th continent gets discovered

DORIUM Roadmap

  • Startup&Angles Network in Darmstadt /Germany to support community-based entrepreneurship

  • Core Team held 28 medical workshops in Iraq

  • DORIUM vision and first concept drafted by Hajir Tahassori

  • DOR Foundation, Liechtenstein, established

  • Evaluation and development of DORIUM concept

  • Evaluation of Blockchain Technology and the approach of aeternity

  • DORIUM Token Economy and Governance design

  • Approval of public token sale (DOR-NEX) by Financial Market Authority, Liechtenstein

  • Introduction of concept to selected partners, development, production and distribution of 100 wooden DORIUM simulations

  • Development of MVP/Pilot installation

  • Launch of MVP/Pilot in Darmstadt /Germany (6 months)

  • DOR-NEX token sale

  • Development of DORIUM, release on selected “islands” worldwide

  • Global DORIUM Roll-Out


The decentralization and democratization of the administration and the fulfilment of public tasks enable transparency, support the local economy and create more efficient development. The Distributed Micro State Governance helps to overcome corruption and leads to a demand- and purpose-driven creation of money.

Social Business 5.0

Nobel Peace Price 2006 winning concept of micro loans, social business and impact Investment - improved by a dedicated crypto-currency for social business and sustainable development - as part of an additional economic system and covered by common shared value.


Based on all provided information and existing reference projects, the DORIUM community evaluates the value of a proposed improvement by voting (Trinity Method).

DORIUM Community

All DORIUM community members get motivated by incentives for their active contribution and a career system. Global know-how and experience become accessible for social entrepreneurs worldwide.

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