DORIUM is a Community to create, reward and finance social economic impact. Without further investment, DORIUM can change the life of billions of people.

SoBz is a new kind of money, created by the DORIUM community, to fight poverty, inequality and environmental pollution.

Using the core values of Blockchain technology, DORIUM is creating wealth, but in a sustainable way.


" If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. "

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French Writer



DORIUM is a social-economic System creating, rewarding and financing social and environmental impact. An online Community is governing the measurement, evaluation and documentation of social-economic impact (short: seimpact) in a transparent, democratic and distributed way by using Blockchain Technology .

For rewarding and financing seimpact, a new cryptocurrency (so called SoBz ) is getting created and emitted by a commission of very well known, experienced experts of social value creation. The emission of SoBz only happens as a reward for reached seimpact or as a means of financing for intended, future seimpact.

Each tradable SoBz supported, rewarded or financed a project or person and got coined with the reached seimpact. A new value system for the evaluation of all kinds of seimpact is rising on DORIUM Blockchain , established by the online Community of all stakeholders.

Companies accepting SoBz as a means of payment and investors purchasing SoBz at a crypto currency exchange are participating in the potential of Blockchain and crypto currencies, they get related to the reached seimpact and the well know experts of social value creation and they are supporting the development and opening of new markets. Everyone can see and trace their effort, their investment, their support and the created seimpact they are participating in.

To reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, an investment between USD 5-7 trillion is needed. Part of this can be achieved by using SoBz to support the projects of existing, experienced NGOs. In return, the life of billions of humans can be changed, new wealth for any investor (DOR-NEX ICO) gets created in a sustainable way, and a new market with the potential of a 7th continent gets discovered



The decentralization and democratization of the administration and the fulfillment of public tasks lead to more transparence and more efficient solutions; they help avoid corruption and lead to a more demand-driven creation of money.

Social Business 5.0

Nobel Peace Price 2006 winning concept of micro loans, social business and impact Investment – improved by a dedicated crypto-currency for social-economic impact and its own social-economic system.


Blockchain Technology helps DORIUM to collect and measure social economic impact, show it transparent to all market participants and to come up with a new value system based on a social economic measurement unit: SoBz

DORIUM Community

Community of all involved stakeholders, taking over decision-making on creation of new SoBz, support for selected projects and the development of a new, blockchain based value system and reference database.

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DORIUM Roadmap

Token sale and Terms

To finance the development, implementation and promotion of DORIUM 800,000 DOR-NEX tokens are initially issued. The average price per token is BITCOIN and ETHER for the equivalent of CHF 5.00. The issuing is at a staggered price :

Public Token Sale 800,000

Reserve 1,300,000

airdrop for NGOs 800,000

airdrop for Communities 200,000

Partner 300,000

Team 300,000

Total Number of Tokens: 3,700,000 DOR-NEX.

DOR-NEX tokens are a standard ERC20 token. All details about the DORIUM concept, its implementation and the DOR-NEX ICO are described in the DORIUM WhitePaper .